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The story of ECLECTICK goes back to 2003. This was the year it was established, and also the year I began my dress designing career.

During the first 10 years we produced unique, carefully designed dresses in small quantities.  Shops were opened, first in Berlin then in Budapest and in Vienna. We attended design fayres and we constantly tried our best maintain quality both in design and production.

After a little break in 2016 the story took a new direction. Today I myself represent the business (for some stages of the work I employ outside workers to help). I work from home in my workshop, and as a mother of two children   I try my best to meet the requirements of the new challenges both in my private life and in my business.

In the home environment there was less freedom, but the greater range of emotions at the same time called for completely new types of products. The change appeared firstly in the collection of women’s dresses. In designing I   used inspirations I met every day: the quadrangle of our house, the stairway, the tree standing in the kindergarten’s garden, the drawings of my children…

So the silhouette of a new product- family started to be seen. For Christmas 2013 I made a personalized t-shirt for each family member. I drew a base graphic with the characteristics of each person or of their children and   inlaid the face of the person into the graphic.  It was a great success and I returned to this idea in autumn 2016 when the development of the KID FACE collection started.

After the start of the t-shirt collection for the whole family, new ideas came fast. The first result of this was the KID FACE doll, being made on the same basis of the t-shirt family.  There have been lots of orders for the dolls and the news spread very quickly among mums.

After getting into the market with the dolls, I did not wait long. Soon my supply broadened and a new product- family was born using children’s drawings. This is the KID ART collection, which is one of the most popular collections.

The initial success and the revival of my design work made me think more and more. Once again I would like to build the ECLECTICK brand, I want to make a family brand that speaks to a wide strata of people and I want to design new products and have a wider range of offer.

For me it is very important to make each item with maximum care. It is important to work neatly and to choose suitable material and to find the best solution. First and foremost the most important thing is the costumers’ satisfaction. I am a passionate artist; I put my heart into each work.

Gyovai-Farkas Edina
The owner and designer of ECLECTICK

Pictures from ECLECTICK’s past