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The idea of the KID FACE doll was conceived in November 2006, during a chat with my friends.

At that time the KID FACE t-shirt collection had been completed and we were sharing ideas about the possible ways to go forward. Initially, being a fashion designer, I was thinking exclusively about clothes, and I had the idea that even without clothes, the game of photo-inlaying could work.

So we proceeded with the idea of a doll, and soon it became clear that the portraits of parents played a great part in this story. Immediately I made a decision to make ourselves in miniature for our kids for Christmas. That was the first test of the doll…

Starting off the graphics of the t-shirts, I drew a relatively “dollish” figure so that the actual doll- making could start. I knew that I had to choose a different type of printing.  On the dolls the print is merged into the material so it does not stand out from it, tolerates being crinkled and last for ever. I searched for a suitable base material for this. Then, with two good quality photos, I finalized the mum and dad graphics of the doll so that the printing could start.


I had to do a lot of research to find the best material for the stuffing. I needed something that would not lose its shape even after a lot of washing and smoothly fill in the doll. The shape of the doll was puzzling too but eventually I decided to make a small “hand” apart from the body that is able to be crumbled by children when they are sleeping.

Two dolls were made in a 2in1 format (mum was on one side and dad was on the other one) in the size I thought was the best (the medium size at present).  It is just the right size for being carried anywhere by a kindergarten-aged child.

I did indeed bring the house down! 🙂 My children loved it (4,5 and 6 years old). Since then my daughter has been sleeping with it and carrying it to the kindergarten nearly every day. My son also has a bond with the doll but he just gets it out when he has a “problem”. When this happens I immediately know that we need a chat.

After presenting the dolls at Christmas, events speeded up. I could not wait long and soon shared the news with my fans on Facebook. I also decided to involve families that I did not know in perfecting of the dolls, so that they would be tested in real life. My announcement for the test moved a lot of people and many of you shared how and where the doll can be used.

This was when I realised that the doll could be used for much more than the role I had originally thought of… with the portrait of mum and dad the doll can help a child get to sleep, to settle down in nursery and kindergarten or to help with days spent in hospital. It can also help in the absence of parents when they are separated for a longer period. The doll is good for them to be used in role play.

With the portrait of a child, the doll is a lovely gift for parent and grandparents, for siblings or even for the child whose portrait is on the doll.

In addition many people order the doll with no specific reason; for a surprise; just for fun or because their little child fell in love with it when they saw it on my website.

The testing period was successfully finished. The feedback I received was very helpful for me and I created the doll in different sizes to fulfil more functions.

I made a mini version as a sample using my children’s portrait, and it melted my heart as I held it in my hand. 🙂 It is like a pocket doll to replace pictures and because of the size I think it can be ideal for toddlers.

Of course it can be bought in the original medium size because it is the most suitable for nursery and kindergarten-aged children and also for primary school-aged children .This size is ideal as it is easy to carry and perfectly fits into the hands of a l