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At Christmas 2013 I wanted to make a special gift for my family. The first version of the KID FACE t-shirt family was created at that time. I drew a base graphic with the characteristics of each person-. I chose a portrait photo for each family member and made a t-shirt print inlaying the face of the person into the graphic. Prints with fairy tale characters were made for children as well as prints of themselves; adults were given t-shirts with their children and grandchildren on them.  I need hardly say that everyone was very happy with the gifts and I was encouraged right away to make these available for others too.

I only moved forward with this in autumn 2016. At that time both of our children attended kindergarten so I thought that it would be great to create seriously again, and bring the ECLECTIK brand to life. It took a few months to set up the business. I extended the variety of graphics people can choose from, I searched for the best ideal material for the t-shirts, I have made all the dress patterns for different sizes. I then got all the necessary accessories and sewed the samples for testing.

This t-shirt collection varies from the printed t-shirts in the market because I do not print the designs on ready-made t-shirts. I use t-shirts uniquely tailored by myself as a base. This way I can guarantee the t-shirt will be just right, well cut and of good quality.  It can be                                               washed often and is very comfortable to wear.

I cut the t-shirts one by one and they are made in a dressmaker’s shop in Budapest with great precision .

After receiving the photo to be used, I try to inlay it into the chosen design as carefully as I can, so that it may become merged with the figure so that the completed graphic would look as its owner has “become” a new “character”.

An industrial textile printer in Budapest makes the prints for me, where they can guarantee the excellent quality, durability and wearing quality of the prints. Because I have made several t-shirts for my children ,I myself can prove that both the t-shirt and the print are in very good condition after lots of washing.

The KID FACE t-shirts were originally made with children’s faces on them, but do not hesitate to ask for a family version, where children and adults are included or simply order t-shirts with adults on. There are many of us adults with spirit of a child!  🙂