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The KID ART collection is the most recent product created so far. My children’s drawings are a continual source of inspiration to me. It was important to focus my mind serious how I could look at them from an artist’s point of view. This was my next challenge after the KID FACE t-shirts and dolls.

Not long ago an excellent article was written about the whole process, explaining how the product came into being on the “Anyacsak1van” website. (“Anyacsak1van” means “There is only1mum” in English). Let me share it with you.

“Drawing, just like playing, is an important part of childhood. Most of all it shows children’s free and unspoilt creativity. It is how they express their experiences, a way of self-expression and a channel for them to express any tension inside them. Often it is an expression of their love. “I have a clear memory of the times when I had no resources and so I feverishly drew my Christmas and birthday gifts for my parents and for my friends and through the drawings I let them know how important they were in my life”- remembers Gyovai-Farkas Edina, the visionary of the ECLECTICK  brand and KID ART collection.

“As the designer of the brand I have been working for nearly 15 years as a fashion designer. Recently, because I have a new role as a mother and am experiencing having children, I have stepped out from the role of a classic fashion designer and I now design and work on new, family- centred products.”

The main point of the collection is that parents send their children’s drawings, and from the drawings Edina makes a professional design that is put on textile. From the textile a beautifully- designed piece of clothing or accessory is made. This is how the many unique, one-off and exclusive designed items are hand-made by Edina, having the permanent message and memory of the children’s drawings. So far Edina has mainly tailored bags, but she has already made men’s t-shorts and women’s tops and cushions.

“I was drawn to this idea, because, thanks to my kindergarten aged children, there were piles of beautiful drawings at home. My artist self could not help thinking about the potential within them. So after a few years a dress was designed and created with children’s drawings. So then I came up with idea of making these unique products. The obvious situation arose – the question of giving gifts at the end of the school year (to be honest this can be a challenge to every family with children). Eventually that helped the collection come into being.”

First her daughter’s kindergarten class, then nurseries, kindergartens and primary school  children ‘s parents sent the drawings thick and fast to Edina . She made beautiful designs with them to decorate clothes and bags. These items are not only unique and personal but also aestheticically pleasing, designer products. Each bag is a real piece of artwork made by 5-10, or more than 30 drawings. scribblings or neatly composed thematic drawings put on a white or black base material.”