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I would like to share briefly about the dresses I tailor because at present they are a bit in the background.

The main concept of ECLECKTIK is small quantity production of mainly women’s dresses, their design, tailoring and selling. Over approximately 10 years we gained lots of fans both in Hungary and abroad (In Germany, in Austria, in England in Switzerland and in Ireland) and sold many beautiful dresses. When I design a dress, I strive to create an item that is timeless, is somewhat unlinked to fashion and is aesthetically pleasing in itself.

Because we only produced in small quantities, only a few were made from each model and we never bought a huge quantity of material. I looked at the clothes as pieces of artwork and I loved unique designs. Although I found well designed patterned materials that suited my concept well, due to the small quantity production I was not able to buy only small amounts of the material. The only possibility left was to make my own designed materials. Latterly this has become one of the characteristic styles of the ECLECTIK brand. We adorned the previous collection with lots of printed patterns and appliques and a few years later as the technology developed I started to use new forms of printing in dress design. Today the collection is characterised mostly by these new approaches.

After closing the shops, and as I have been at home with my children, I tried to get inspiration from the environment around me.  The dresses that can be ordered in my web shop are characterised by these impressions.

I worked with the photo of the tree in bloom standing in the nursery’s garden; the picture of the autumn leaves lying under my feet on the grey asphalt; my husband’s blueprints; the sea of cables of the lamppost standing next to my father’s garage; the drawings of my children; the tapestry hanging on the wall of our bedroom made by my grandmother; the quadrangle and the stairway of our house etc… I interwove my life at that time into the dresses in a way that they were aesthetically pleasing for others as well.

Besides the dolls and products with children’s drawings, I would like to tailor new items. I have always loved to make dresses and skirts. I have a plan for a “Mum and Daughter” collection, and I would like to design similar collections of swimsuits and leggings…I hope I will have time for all of these!J

Generally, I myself make the dress-pattern and the samples and if I find they are successful the order receives a green light J

The ordered dresses are made prepared in a dressmaker’s shop in Budapest.

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